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Custom dentures tailored for comfort and functionality, achieve confidence in every bite with progressive dentistry!

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Custom Dentures:

Restore Your Smile with Progressive Dentistry

In today’s times, it's rare to find someone sporting a full set of 32 teeth till the very end. By the time we hit 50, the average American has bid farewell to a dozen permanent teeth, casualties to decay, gum disease, or unfortunate accidents.
Losing teeth isn't just a cosmetic setback; it can throw your bite out of order and even weaken the sturdy foundation of your jawbone. Here at Progressive Dentistry, we recognize the profound importance of each and every tooth. That's why our seasoned dentist in Pisgah proudly offers dentures as a simple hack for lost teeth. Whether you need a complete set or a few replacements, we offer both full and partial options!
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Benefits of Our Dentures

Custom Dentures Benefits

Tailored to your specific needs and preferences, our expert dentist at Section crafts custom dentures using a range of materials such as acrylic, resin, nylon, metal, and porcelain. With well-fitted dentures in place, you get many advantages, like:
Enhanced chewing capability
Better nutritional intake
Improved speech clarity
Elevated aesthetic appeal
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The Procedure

Denture Fitting Process

Upon your visit to Progressive Dentistry, our dentist at Fort Payne commences with a comprehensive examination to ascertain your suitability for dentures. Following this, we will have a thorough discussion regarding the best denture options for you. We will start by crafting your personalized dentures.
During the process, the below mentioned key steps are involved:

First, we will take impressions of your upper and lower jaws, gums, and any remaining teeth. This process usually involves taking two impressions - a preliminary and a final one.


Next, we will send your impressions to a dental lab where a skilled dental technician crafts a stone model of your mouth. This model serves as the basis for creating your custom denture.


Using the dental model, the technician will build the base of your denture using materials like acrylic, nylon, or resin. To determine the placement of artificial teeth, wax registration blocks are used.


Once the base is prepared, artificial teeth are added, and adjustments are made to ensure proper fit and alignment.


After your denture is constructed, it is polished to achieve a natural appearance.


The finished denture is then sent back to our clinic for the final fitting.


During your fitting appointment, we will place the denture in your mouth and assess its fit.


We will carefully check for any areas causing discomfort or pressure on your gums and make necessary adjustments.


Lastly, we will schedule follow-up visits to make sure you are comfortable with your dentures. This will also let us inspect how your mouth's soft tissues are gradually adapting to the denture.

Throughout the fitting process, our friendly dentist in Henegar will ensure that your dentures not only fit comfortably but also provide optimal function and aesthetics. Additionally, we also offer guidance on the proper care needed to maintain the longevity of your dentures.


Our dentist in Henegar provides a range of comprehensive services including:

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Still have questions about dentures? Reach out to us for expert guidance anytime by calling us. Our clinic is open to serve you on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 9 AM to 5 PM. With our skilled dentist in Mentone, Powell, Rainsville, Flat Rock, Bryant, and Stevenson, we aim to deliver exceptional care to our valued patients. Through our denture services, you can rediscover the delight of a healthy smile and real confidence!
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