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Specialized Periodontal Services:

Your Path to Optimal Oral Health

Did you know that nearly half of American adults are affected by some form of periodontal disease? It is usually caused by a dental plaque and can often go unnoticed. The good news is that periodontal disease is largely preventable, and when caught early, it's easily manageable.

At Progressive Dentistry, our dentist in Pisgah specializes in personalized treatments that prioritize the health of your gums and jawbone—the very foundations supporting your precious teeth. Let’s see what are the signs you need periodontic treatment.
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Periodontic Treatment Signs

Gum Health Assessment

Our dentist in Section focuses on addressing oral health issues affecting your periodontium—the tissues surrounding your teeth. During your visit, our dentist thoroughly examines your gums, the connective tissue linking teeth to the jawbone, the hard tissue covering teeth roots, and the jawbone section containing tooth sockets. We identify symptoms of periodontal disease which may appear as:
Changes in teeth alignment
Loose teeth
Unpleasant taste
Gums pulling away from teeth
Reddish or purplish gums
Bad breath
Pain when chewing
Upon identifying a problem, our dentist will provide an extensive array of periodontic treatments tailored to your dental requirements.
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Treatment Options

Gum Health Solutions

Our dentist in Fort Payne provides a variety of treatments. Some commonly offered options include:
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Scaling and Root Planing

Restore Gum Health

We provide scaling and root planing services for mild periodontal disease. We use local anesthesia to numb the gums. This enables us to conduct a thorough cleaning beneath your gum line, removing hidden harmful bacteria. Additionally, we also smooth the surfaces of your tooth roots to deter plaque and bacteria accumulation.


Gum Health Restoration

In our practice, our dentist at Henegar may recommend performing gum surgery to manage moderate to severe periodontal disease. Among the common surgical options available are:
Pocket reduction surgery: In this procedure, we make a small incision in the gums, creating a flap to access deep-seated plaque and tartar around the tooth roots. Once we clean and smoothen these roots, we reposition your gums and stitch them back into place.
Gum grafts and bone grafts: For gum grafts, we generally utilize tissue from the mouth's roof or a tissue bank to cover the tooth roots exposed due to gum recession. For bone grafts, we first clean out the infection and then place bone grafting material in eroded areas that act as scaffolding for your body to regenerate bone over time.


Our dentist in Henegar provides a range of comprehensive services including:

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We provide customized periodontics solutions from scaling and root planing to surgeries to enhance your oral health and achieve a brighter smile. Our expert dentist in Mentone, Powell, Rainsville, Flat Rock, Bryant, and Stevenson is committed to serving patients with expert care.
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